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So how does it work?

There are three ways to create paying links

Automatic link script
All you need to do is paste a simple code into your website to start making money.
Paying links will appear instanly on your website - ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE !!!.

Each of these links goes to one of our banners, which is tracked by our software - meaning you will make money every time someone leaves your site via one of these links


Multiple link generator
Make paying links using our wizard - post them on your blog or Forum - sit back and wait for the cash to roll in

This is perfect if you like to post links on forums and blogs. All your links are saved in your account so you can go back anytime to retrieve and re-use them on another site.


Instant Galleries
Choose a gallery name and paste links to your imagehosted images. Click the launch button and whatch the site go live in SECONDS !!
You will get paid for each and all views to that gallery – aswell as the links on it. It's a piece of cake!

Everyone likes galleries with images on them ! By using out gallery wizard you can instantly create your own custom image galleries full of paying links - it couldn't be easier !!!

Blogging? - We support real time blog submissions!

We currently support the largest blogs and communities on the internet. These contains but are not limited to Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, Freewebs, Facebook, Blogger, Tagged and Typepad. It has never been so easy to add paying links to your blogs.

How much will URLCash pay me?

We pay our members up to 90% of URLCash's income. You also make 35% of what your referrals earns! (Taken from URLCash profit of course!) This is not ALL! You also get 13% of what your referrals referrals make and so on. This means you can make serious money just by placing your referral link in your forum signature or on blogs and webpages! The better traffic you send, the higher payout you will get. We monitor your traffic quality so that you benefit every time it increases.

We pay you better rates than any other site!

Do you want to make money without even lifting a finger ?

This is NO JOKE - Referring other members makes you EASY money!
Refer people to URL Cash and make extra money. You will get a comission of 35% of that member's earnings for life!
So for every single Dollar your referral earns, URLCASH will pay YOU 35 cents extra comission on top
On top of that - you will get generous cash bonuses as your referral continues to send redirects and increase his business

OK, it sounds EASY ! How much do I have to pay for all of this ?

Absolutely NOTHING - Its a totally FREE service !!

Make a paying link using our link wizard - paste the code on your website or blog - watch the $$ counter on your statistics page start to TICK !!


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